UPC NAS Parallel Benchmarks


This is a Unified Parallel C version of the NAS Parallel Benchmark (see the NPB web page). For more information about the Unified Parallel C language, please visit the UPC web site.

The following kernels are based on the NPBs version 2.4.

The UPC versions are developed by the GWU High-Performance Computing Laboratory (see the HPCL web site) and are derived from the OpenMP version (developed by RWCP) and from the MPI version (developed by NAS).

Included Kernels

  • CG - Conjugate Gradient: This benchmark computes an approximation to the smallest eigenvalue of symmetric positive definite matrix. This kernel features unstructured grid computations requiring irregular long-range communications.
  • EP - Embarrassingly Parallel: This benchmark can run on any number of processors with little communication. It estimates the upper achievable limits for floating point performance of a parallel computer. This kernel generates pairs of Gaussian random deviates according to a specific scheme and tabulates the number of pairs in successive annuli.
  • FT - Fast Fourier Transform: This benchmark solves a 3D partial differential equation using an FFT-based spectral method, also requiring long range communication. FT performs three one-dimensional (1-D) FFT's, one for each dimension.
  • IS - Integer Sort: This benchmark is a parallel sorting program based on the bucket sort. It requires a lot of total exchange communication.
  • MG - MultiGrid: This benchmark uses a V-cycle multigrid method to compute the solution of the 3-D scalar Poisson equation. It performs both short and long range communications that are highly structured.
  • BTIO - Test of different parallel I/O techniques


  • The current release of the UPC NAS Parallel Benchmarks is version 2.4-11.02 (tar.gz)
  • Previous releases and Changelogs are available on the releases page.
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