Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the GUTS from?

You may download the development code from the subversion repository at There is no guarantee that code from the repository is stable, secure, functional or even properly compiling. You may use the website to browse the source code online.

How can I use GUTS?

Please pay attention to the README file for various usages of our framework.

Whom can I e-mail for further questions?

Please feel free to join the UPC mailing list as listed on the UPC consortium website or contact the GUTS maintainer Abdullah Kayi (apokayi at gwmail dot gwu dot edu).

Where do I send bug reports?

We are dedicated to assuring that GUTS will grow into a mature product. If you have found stacks of bugs (or even one bug), please feel free to submit a detailed bug report using the ticket system available on this website (click on the "New Ticket" button). Please ask for an account to submit tickets by sending an e-mail to current maintainer Abdullah Kayi (apokayi at gwmail dot gwu dot edu)

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