GWU Unified Testing Suite (GUTS)

GUTS is a new framework which includes various UPC testing suites. The main goal behind this new framework is to hold different UPC testing benches in a single unified environment as much as possible. It is a continuation of previous GWU-HPCL UPC testing efforts. The testing strategy has been changed to follow the unit testing strategy as much as possible. That is, each function provided in the following UPC specification is tested in a single unit. GUTS currently holds the following testing suites:

  • guts_main : This is the main UPC testing suite for the language specification (V1.2) compliance check for the UPC compilers
  • guts_io : This is a specification compliance testing suite for Unified Parallel C (UPC) I/O library implementations. The latest UPC/IO specification (V1.02) was considered while developing our testing suite
  • guts_collectives : This is the testing suite released by Michigan Tech University and it is used for testing the UPC/Collectives library
  • guts_npb : This bench provides an extra stress testing on the compilers by running some of the kernels from the NAS Parallel Benchmarks

The Website

The GUTS website allows you to get more information about our testing strategy and you will be able to track the development of our testing suite. You may also submit bug reports using the ticket submission features of the website.

Download Releases

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Frequently Asked Questions

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